Halitosis Measurement and Treatment

Halitosis Measurement and Treatment

Halitosis measurement is a personalized application for the detection of bad breath. It is done using a measuring device called a halimeter. With this measurement, halitosis treatment is planned, and the results are analyzed.

What is Halitosis?

Halitosis, also known as halitosis, is an ugly odor that comes from the mouth and nose of the person, disturbing both the environment and himself. This problem, which we all experience from time to time, becomes permanent when it is caused by tooth and gum diseases. Everyone wonders what causes bad breath. With the measurement of halitosis, the answer to this question is found, and it is decided what kind of treatment should be applied for bad breath.

What Causes Halitosis?

Bad breath is caused by 90% mouth, 8% upper respiratory tract, 1% digestive system, and 1% metabolic reasons. The leading causes of bad breath are:

• Decayed tooth

• Mouth sores

• Gum infection

• Postnasal drip

• Chronic sinusitis

• Throat, sinus, and lung infections

• Chronic bronchitis

• Reflux

• Diabetes (diabetes)

• Liver or kidney disease

• Change in hormone levels during pregnancy

• Some drugs

• Change of menstrual cycle in women

• Anesthesia

• Sjogren's syndrome

• Chemotherapy, radiotherapy

• Lactose intolerance

Which Branch Performs the Halitosis Treatment?

Halitosis treatment is an application of the periodontology branch, and specialist dentists apply the treatment.  

What Are the Types of Halitosis?

Bad breath is not a single type; there are varieties. The causes and treatment of these are done in different ways. Types of halitosis include:

  • Physiological halitosis: The most crucial cause of this bad breath is poor digestion of food in the stomach, decayed teeth, poorly cleaned oral cavity, uneven dental restorations, and smoking. In case of bad breath caused by these problems, treatment methods such as behavioral changes and brushing the back of the tongue are performed.  
  • Pathological halitosis: In general, people with this type are not aware of the smell. The causes of bad breath in these people are conditions that cause salivary gland functions such as gum diseases, food residues, tongue layer, dirty dentures, mouth sores, decreased amount of saliva, and antidepressant use.  

How is Halitosis Treated?

In the treatment of halitosis, the cause of the bad odor is determined as the first step. After determining whether it is physiological or pathological, the treatment process begins. In cases caused by oral and dental diseases, dentistry undertakes the treatment. If there is a different problem, the specialists of that particular problem will be treated.  

What should be done before and after the treatment?

Halitosis measurement is an essential process that should be done before the treatment. When you apply to a specialist dentist, he will inform you about this. Depending on the treatment to be applied, they will tell you about the issues you need to pay attention to before the procedure. According to bad breath treatment, your doctor will guide you after the process. If you have wrong behaviors that cause bad breath, the dentist will warn you about these issues.  

I Want To Have Halitosis Measurement And Treatment. What Should I Do?

If you want to get rid of bad breath and have halitosis measurement for this purpose, you should consult a specialist dentist. Your dentist will guide you in this regard and allow you to make the necessary measurements. Then he will apply the necessary treatment to you. If you want help in this matter, you can make an appointment using the contact information and arrange an appointment.