Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design

Smile design is a branch of aesthetic dentistry. It is the procedure performed to correct the aesthetic appearance of damaged teeth and gums. Having a good smile affects a person's looks and self-confidence. That's why smile design has become very popular in recent years.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is made by considering the facial features and needs of the person. Your teeth are reshaped so that you have a beautiful and natural appearance. The gaps, discolorations, and distortions between the teeth cause you to have a bad smile. The designs that best suit your face are made and applied in such cases.  

What is Smile Aesthetics?

Smile aesthetics consists of zirconium coating, gum treatment, whitening, adjustment of tooth length, bridge, lip shaping. It is the procedure in which the smile is made the most aesthetic. It covers all kinds of operations necessary to have a good smile. As a result of these procedures, your teeth and smile image is redesigned.

How Is Smile Design Operation Performed?

  • As a first step, the dentist determines what kind of treatment the design should apply to the patient.
  • For digital smile design, the patient's lower and upper jaw measurements are taken, and photo and video recordings are made.
  • Smile design is made with the data transferred to the digital environment.
  • The design is converted into a model and tested on the patient at the second appointment.
  • After the design is decided, the application is started, and the smile design price information can be given to the patient.

In Which Situations Is Smile Design Operation Performed?

Smile design is generally preferred when deformities are seen in teeth and gums, tooth discoloration, and disproportionate teeth. It is also applied to patients who do not like the appearance of their teeth in general.

What Treatment Methods Does Smile Design Include?

Smile design is done with a multidisciplinary approach, including surgery, orthodontics, gingival applications, and prosthesis applications. Depending on the patient's mouth and teeth structure, which procedures should be performed are decided. According to the method to be made, the prices of smile aesthetics are determined.  

What Are The Stages Of Smile Design Operation?

In smile design, the patient is first examined, and mouth and tooth images are recorded to be transferred to digital media. Then, these images are transferred to digital, and the best design is modeled from there. After the modeling, the application phase is started.

What are the Smile Design Criteria?

The criteria to be considered when designing a smile are as follows:

• Midline

• Zenith points

• Incisal length

• Gingival health and interdental impressions

• Axle of teeth

• Gingival levels and harmony

• Interdental contact areas

• Teeth dimensions

• Incisal embrasures

• The harmony of the teeth with each other according to the golden ratio

• Tooth characters

• Color of teeth

• Shape and position of teeth

• Smile line

• Face shape and lips

• Personality characteristics

• Lip and cheek supports

• Incisal arc

• Gender

• Lower lip arch

• Age

Which Branch Performs the Smile Design Treatment?

The aesthetic dentistry branch performs the smile aesthetics.

I Want to Get Smile Design Treatment. What should I do?

When you want a smile design, you need to apply to clinics that provide aesthetic dentistry services. You can also get detailed information about smile design prices, as it will be determined which treatments will be applied to you after you make an appointment and be examined.