Teeth Cleaning (Detertrage)

Teeth Cleaning (Detertrage)

Detertrage is the process of cleaning the yellow and brown tartar on the teeth. Not brushing your teeth regularly causes the food residues on the dental plaque to form bacteria over time. In this case, these bacteria on the tooth harden and turn into tartar. Detertrage can be done quite simply by a dentist.

What is Detertrage?

To understand detertrage, you need to know what tartar is. Tartar is the hardening of bacteria from food residues on the tooth surface and forming yellow plaques after a while. With Detertrage, these hard plaques formed on the tooth surface are cleaned and then the teeth are polished with paste application.

Why Does Tartar Occur?

The cause of tartar formation is very simple. In our daily life, when we do not regularly clean our teeth, the remains of food remain between our teeth. After 4-12 hours, bacteria formation starts due to residues. When these bacteria are not cleaned, they begin to harden and form tartar. As you age, the rate at which bacteria form tartar increases

How is Detertrage Operation Performed?

In the detertrage process, the dentist first performs an oral examination of the patient. After the necessary examination, it is decided whether to apply advanced Detertrage or standard Detertrage to the patient. No anesthesia is required during the treatment. The procedure is performed with the help of periodontal and ultrasonic instruments

Then the following steps are followed:

  • With the help of cleaning tools, the teeth and gums are cleaned.
  • Next, polish is applied to the tooth surface to prevent tartar formation.
  • If necessary, the interdental spaces are cleaned with dental floss.
  • In some patients, tooth roots also need to be cleaned. To clean the tooth roots, it is ensured that the tartar is removed from the area.

How to prevent tartar formation?

It is very easy to prevent tartar formation. The only thing people need to do to prevent this type of tooth and gum problem is regular mouth and teeth cleaning. Teeth must be brushed regularly and correctly. Formulas containing fluoride should be preferred in toothpaste selection. The use of dental floss is unfortunately not very common in our country. However, after brushing, dental floss is required to remove residue from difficult areas.

How Often Should Detertrage Be Done?

How often you will need Detertrage depends on how you care for your mouth and teeth. Under normal conditions, the process can be repeated every 6 months. However, if you take measures to prevent the formation of tartar, you do not need to have it done so often.

Is Detertrage Operation Harmful?

Detertrage is a harmless procedure as long as it is performed by specialist dentists. No chemical or abrasive product is used during the process. Tartars are removed with specially developed tools. Too much detertrage may cause sensitivity in the teeth after a while.

I Want To Have Detertrage Treatment. What Should I Do?

If you want to have a detertrage, you can contact and make an appointment. You can meet with specialist dentists and have your teeth cleaned on the same day. When you contact, you can also get the chance to get detailed information about detertrage prices.