Filling Treatments

Filling Treatments

Dental filling is a type of restoration process applied to decayed or broken teeth when the tooth still has a chance to be saved. When teeth decay, they do not need to be extracted. If treated early, some teeth can be saved with fillings. Filling operations are an essential process preventing tooth loss.

What is Dental Filling?

Dental filling is the restoration of decayed or broken teeth using various materials. With the substances used during the procedure, it is aimed to restore the lost functions of the teeth. To obtain healthy results, it is necessary to process before decay progresses. The later it is done, the less likely it is to save the tooth. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to consult a dentist when tooth decay or breakage occurs. Dental filling is a special procedure with different types, such as amalgam filling.

Why Is Tooth Filling Treatment Performed?

Tooth filling is an operation to save the tooth completely. If people want, they can have different applications to replace the completely lost tooth. However, the general advice of dentists is to preserve the natural tooth as much as possible. Therefore, in case of tooth decay or simple fractures, filling should be preferred instead of having the tooth extracted directly. You should know that no application to replace your natural tooth will be as efficient as saving your own tooth.

In Which Situations Is Tooth Filling Performed?

Teeth that are damaged due to many reasons both have an aesthetically bad appearance and cannot perform their chewing activities as before. In this case, different types of fillings are needed for the tooth to become as efficient as before. Composite filling is one of the popular filling types preferred. Filling applications are procedures applied to people who have decayed or broken teeth but do not want to lose their teeth.

Which Branch Performs the Tooth Filling Treatment?

Tooth filling is a standard practice by dentists.

What is Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic filling is the use of filling materials of the same color as the person's own dental tissue. Since the materials used are the same color, there is no different image after the process. It looks exactly like one's own original tooth. In this way, the operations performed on the teeth are not noticed.

What are the Filling Types?

  • Amalgam filling: It is a filling made by mixing mercury with copper, silver, and tin. It is a very old method and is not preferred today because it does not create a very aesthetic appearance.
  • Composite filling: It is a type of filling consisting of many different materials. It is highly preferred because it provides an aesthetic appearance in front teeth.
  • Gold filling: As the name suggests, it is a handmade filling using gold. It used to be a much more preferred method in the past.
  • Glass Ionomer filling: It is a safe filling applied to children and pregnant women. When applied to children's milk teeth, it becomes a permanent filling. In adults, it is applied as a long-term temporary filling application.
  • Glass Carbomer filling: It is a filling made using the chemical formula of shark teeth.
  • Porcelain Filling: It is preferred when the entire tooth is shrinking, and there is too much loss. It is applied to protect the tooth tissue and achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Dental filling prices in 2021 vary according to the type of filling application applied.

Why Do We Need Tooth Filling?

We need a filling because it is always more important to protect our teeth. To protect the tooth, dental filling procedures are performed instead of tooth extraction. As a result of this process, we continue to use our teeth visually and functionally.

I Want To Have Tooth Filling Operation. What should I do?

To have a dental filling, you can contact and make an appointment. After the examination, the specialist dentist will let you know if your teeth are suitable for filling. In addition, the dentist will give you clear information about the prices of dental fillings.