Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is performed to save the teeth by repairing them instead of extracting them. Thanks to this process, which is applied to prevent tooth defects, it is no longer necessary to extract the decayed or infected teeth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed on the tooth nerves to prevent tooth loss. The dental nerves called the pulp, located in the root canals of the patient's carious or infected tooth, are removed, and the application is made. After the nerve is removed, the area is cleaned, and the operation is performed by filling the remaining space. The nerve removed during the procedure is not essential and functional. For this reason, there is no harm in removing it. On the contrary, it is a treatment that prevents the person from suffering pain.

In Which Situations Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Root canal treatment is a method applied for decaying and infected teeth. It is often too late for root canal treatment when the tooth is too damaged and broken. In this case, even if root canal treatment is performed, the patient's tooth cannot be saved.

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Endodontists or dentists perform root canal treatment. The stages of treatment are as follows:

• X-ray is taken to view the root canals of the person.

• Afterwards, the area around the tooth to be treated is anesthetized by applying local anesthesia. In some patients, anesthesia is not needed because the dental nerves have already died.

• A layer of rubber is placed to keep the area saliva-free and dry.

• Then, a hole is drilled to reach the root canal. From here, both the pulp nerve and the carious nerve tissue and bacteria in the region are removed.

• After the inner part of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, the hole is closed.

How Is Root Canal Treatment Decided?

X-rays are taken beforehand to see if the tooth is suitable for root canal treatment. According to the X-ray result, the procedure is performed if the tooth can be saved with root canal treatment. Otherwise, root canal treatment is not required.

How Long Does the Root Canal Treatment Take?

In root canal treatment, if there is no cyst or infection in the area of the pulpal nerve to be removed, the procedure is performed in a single session. This session takes an average of 45 minutes. If there is a cyst or infection in the area, treatment is applied accordingly, increasing the session duration.

Does Root Canal Treatment Cause Pain?

After root canal treatment, there may be mild pain if there is an infection in the tissues in the area. These pains are not very serious or unbearable. It can be relieved with painkillers.

What Should Be Considered After Root Canal Treatment?

After root canal treatment, better recovery is observed thanks to the patient's attention to some points. These are:

• Until the root canal treatment process is finished, crusty and hard foods should not be eaten.

• Daily dental cleaning should be continued.

• After the procedure, the floss should be used at least once a day to prevent infection.

• Sugary and sticky foods should not be consumed for a while.

• You should use painkillers and sprays recommended by your doctor. If these drugs do not relieve your pain, you can consult your dentist.

• After root canal treatment, the patient should avoid consuming cold and hot foods for a while. 

Why is Expert Opinion Important in Root Canal Treatment?

Experts should be consulted in root canal treatment and other oral and dental health treatments. This type of treatment is risk-free and easy when done by the right people. Consulting dentists prevent possible tooth loss and help protect your oral and dental health. You can contact us anytime to get more detailed information on this subject and learn about the price of root canal treatment.