Implant Dental Treatment

Implant Dental Treatment

What is Implant Teeth?

Implant is a dental treatment that aims to increase the life comfort of the person by completing the missing teeth.

The dental implant is a screw made of titanium placed inside the jawbone. After the screws are placed, the denture is placed on it. In this way, the person can easily eat, talk and laugh without any aesthetic concerns.

what is implant teeth

How Is Implant Tooth Made?

With dental implant application, artificial tooth roots are created. Therefore, this treatment, which is used in the absence of natural tooth roots, is completed in two stages. The first stage is the placement of the implant, and the second stage is the placement of the prosthesis on the implant.

How the implant treatment will be done depends on the type of implant and the condition of the jawbone.

How is the Implant Applied?

For dental implant treatment, first of all, the necessary controls should be made by the dentist. In these controls, it is determined whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment. If there is no obstacle for treatment, the treatment process is started.

In implant treatment, first of all, a alveolus in the jawbone is needed to place the implants. This alveolus is obtained in two ways.

In the first option, there is a tooth in the area to be implanted and the tooth is extracted. The implant is placed in the formed tooth cavity. The second option is that there is no tooth in the area where the implant will be applied and a alveolus must be opened in the bone.

After the necessary slot for the implant is obtained, the implant is placed and the area is closed. It is necessary to wait for a certain period of time for the jawbone and the implant to fuse with each other. This period varies from person to person. However, this period is on average 3 months.

Temporary prosthesis is applied to prevent the person from being toothless while the implant tooth is expected to fuse with the jawbone. In this way, it is ensured that your living comfort is not adversely affected.

After the placed implant and jawbone blend and the area heals, prostheses are placed on the implant. After this stage, the treatment ends.

Local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not experience any pain or pain while the dental implant is applied. In this way, it is ensured that you spend the treatment process comfortably.

How Long Does Implant Dental Application Take?

The duration of implant treatment varies from person to person. Because the procedures to be applied may differ. Also the time for the jawbone to fuse with the implant differs from person to person. Therefore, an exact time cannot be given. However, the treatment is completed in an average of 3 months.

In Which Situations Implants Cannot Be Applied?

Below patients are not suitable for implant treatment:

  • Patients with poor general health condition
  • Patients with bad habits such as smoking
  • Patients whose jawbone structure is not suitable
  • Patients with teeth clenching problems


advantages of a dental Implant

What are the dental implant advantage?

Dental implant advantages:

  • It creates a natural tooth feeling. It also gives a natural tooth appearance.
  • It is a permanent treatment as it fuses with the bone.
  • Allows you to speak without worrying about teeth slipping.
  • It functions as a natural tooth. Therefore, it allows you to eat without feeling any pain.
  • Eliminates the aesthetic anxiety caused by missing teeth. It increases your self-confidence.
  • It is not necessary to cut the surrounding teeth during dental implants. In this way, the missing teeth are replaced without damaging the surrounding teeth.
  • It can be used for life when oral hygiene rules are followed.

How Should Implant Dental Care Be Done?

There is no extra care you need to do for implant care. You can use your implants for many years by giving importance to oral hygiene.

  • You should brush your teeth regularly and correctly at least 2 times a day.
  • You should definitely use dental floss and mouthwash to prevent bacteria and plaque formation.
  • You should go to the dentist twice a year (every 6 months).

How Much Are Implant Teeth 2022 Prices?

Dental implant prices vary depending on the number of implants used and additional treatments applied. For this reason, net price information about dental implant prices should be given after the dentist's examination.

To get detailed information about dental implant prices and treatment and to make an appointment, you can contact us through our contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the implant be removed?

The dental implant is permanent. Therefore, it is not possible to remove it.

Is Dental Implant Difficult to Make?

Thanks to today's technology, dental implant is a very easy dental treatment. Therefore, the patient gets through this process quite comfortably.

Will a Dental Implant Be Like a Real Teeth?

It is possible to obtain a realistic image with the implant. Therefore, it looks like your natural tooth and does not cause any negative aesthetics.

Can a tooth be extracted and implanted in the same day?

If there is a tooth in the area to be implanted, the tooth must be extracted and the implant placed in the resulting cavity. Therefore, since the socket required for the placement of the implant is formed naturally after tooth extraction, these two procedures are performed on the same day.

I Want To Get Dental Implant Treatment. What should I do?

If you want to receive implant treatment, you must first have a dentist examination. If you are a suitable candidate for the treatment in question, your dentist will inform you about the treatment process and start your treatment.