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Dentevim Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic was established in 2013 with the partnership of Dt Kıvanç Permuz and Dt Can Atakan, and since June 2018, it continues to serve by growing and getting stronger with its expert staff at its new address.

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Meet Our Specialist Doctors.

Can Atakan


Born in 1978 in Ankara, Can ATAKAN completed his high school education in Balikesir Anatolian High School in 199...

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Kıvanç Permuz


Dentist Dt. Kıvanç PERMUZ He was born in 1980 in Zonguldak. He completed his primary, secondar...

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Atakan Şahin


Atakan ŞAHİN, who completed his high school education at Yusuf Kalkavan Anatolian High School in Mersin in 201...

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Reha Gür

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dentist Reha Gür was born in 1990 in Isparta. He completed his primary and secondary education in Isparta a...

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Meltem Ekinci


Meltem EKİNCİ was born in December 10, 1995, graduated from Istanbul Medipol University Facul...

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Dentevim Clinic

Dentevim provides support to protect your oral and dental health with its clinical specialist dentist team. Protecting oral and dental health is an issue that needs attention both by self-care and by getting expert support. Permanent tooth loss and many gum problems can be prevented with regular checkups and examinations. Every individual, child or adult, must undergo a regular dental check-up. In other words, the more successful and experienced people you get support from, the easier it will be to protect your health.

Why Should You Get Support from a Dentist?

Visiting the dentist is the same as a visit to the hospital when a person has a health problem. In other words, just as a doctor's examination is required for problems in organs such as the heart or brain, dental problems should also be consulted with a specialist. The most important thing that distinguishes oral and dental health from other branches is that you should be examined before you get sick. Thanks to the examinations and treatments we perform in our clinic, we ensure that our patients always have good dental health.

The Importance of Regular Oral and Dental Examination

With regular dental examinations, not only oral and dental health is protected, but also any disease in our body can be detected. As a result of a regular dental examination, diagnosis of other diseases becomes easier. With dental polyclinic visits, you prevent tooth loss and protect your oral and dental health. Oral and dental hygiene is your identity and affects your reputation in society. More than anything, it's a sign of your self-respect.

Dentevim Oral and Dental Health Clinic

The dentist is the person responsible for the oral and dental health of the person. In our Dentevim clinic, our team of specialist dentists will provide you with the best service. We will support you in all kinds of oral and dental health. Our team of specialist physicians works with a high success rate during the treatment process. When you work with a successful dentist, the process will be much better for you. In our clinic, we apply best practices to protect the health of our patients.

Dentevim clinic has treatment models for both adults and children. With advanced technologies and methods, up-to-date treatment methods are applied. In addition, permanent results are provided by applying the best treatment to the patients with the best materials in the dental repair and care process.

Services We Provide in Our Clinic

Dentevim dental clinic specialists support you in many ways. Some of the applications we have done in our clinic are as follows:

• All on Four Treatment

• Teeth whitening

• Tooth extraction and impacted tooth extraction

• Dental Filling

• Detertrage

• Smile Design

• Halitosis Measurement

• Implant Treatment

• Root Canal Treatment

• Zirconium Dental Coating

You can contact us at any time and make an appointment for the above-mentioned treatment options and routine oral and dental examinations.

Dental Treatment Prices

Dentist support and routine examination fees are determined according to the treatment to be performed. First of all, routine examinations have a standard fee. Apart from that, different fees are charged for each procedure to be performed on your teeth and gum. Since every action you take to protect your oral and dental health is crucial, it is more important to consider the quality of the service rather than the price. You can contact us at any time to get more information about treatments and to make an appointment. We are ready to assist you in the best possible way in our clinic.