All On Four Treatment

All On Four Treatment

All on four treatment is applied to patients who have no teeth and are likely to be completely edentulous soon. In the operation, 4 implants are placed in the palate of the patient, and the dental prosthesis is fixed on the same day.

What is the All On Four Treatment?

All on four is a procedure applied with implant technique for fixing dental prostheses in edentulous patients. Dental implants placed at certain angles fix the dental prosthesis and provide comfort to the patients. This technique eliminates the need for patients to use dentures.

Which Branch Performs the All On Four Treatment?

For all on four treatments, patients should visit their prosthodontist. All on Four treatment is a procedure used in prosthetic dentistry.

What are the Features of All On Four Treatment?

• It is planned individually.

• Suitable for edentulous patients.

• Fixed dental prosthesis is made with a single surgical operation.

• Procedures such as bone addition and sinus elevation surgery are not required.

• Compared to conventional dental implant methods, it is cleaner and easier to maintain.

• Suitable for patients who cannot use removable prostheses.

• It is completed in fewer sessions.

What are the All On Four Treatment Stages?

In the All on four treatment, patients are first examined in detail. According to the computerized tomography results, it is checked whether the patient is suitable for the procedure, and measurements are made according to this result. On the first day of the treatment, 4 implants are placed in the patient's palate as planned. A temporary dental prosthesis is placed on the same day, and a permanent dental prosthesis is placed 3 months later and the process is completed.

How is All on Four Treatment Is Applied?

In the All on four treatment, specially designed prostheses are placed at certain angles, and then a temporary prosthesis is attached and the procedure is completed on the same day. After an average of 3 months, the procedure is completed by applying a permanent dental prosthesis. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied.

What are the Advantages of All on Four Treatment?

All on Four treatment has many advantages such as:

• The application time of the implant is shorter.

• It is specially designed for patients and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

• It is more advantageous in terms of cost as fewer implants are used and no additional surgical procedure is required.

• Ideal for people who are uncomfortable with removable dentures and have difficulty using them.

• It is more comfortable to use than conventional dental prostheses.

How does the Post All On Four Treatment Process work?

The most important advantage of the technique and the reason why it is preferred is that the post-treatment period is much more comfortable. It requires less control and maintenance. The patient continues to use the prosthesis for many years without any problems.

What Should You Know After All On Four Treatment?

• You will not have any problems with eating because a temporary dental prosthesis is attached. In order not to damage your temporary denture, you should eat as your doctor advises you.

• Since the treatment is performed under local anesthesia, there is no feeling of pain. There may be mild pain and swelling after the operation.

• It can be applied to anyone who does not have any disease that may prevent the treatment, has sufficient bone volume, and is edentulous.

Is the Success Rate High in All-on-Four Treatment

Studies have shown that all on four treatment is one of the most successful treatment methods applied in recent years.

I Want to Get All On Four Treatment. What should I do?

When you want to have an all on four treatment, all you have to do is contact and make an appointment to be examined.

All on Four Treatment Prices

All on four treatment prices vary according to the quality of the material to be used and the extra methods to be applied. You need to be examined for exact price information. You can contact us for detailed information and an appointment.